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So long, farewell...

The Montreal 2005 XI FINA Championships are now officially over, as the FINA president Mustapha Larfaoui and Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay made their respective speeches. The FINA flag was pulled down and given to the Mayor of Melbourne, Australia for the XII FINA Champions to be held in Melbourne, VIC, in 2007.

On the screen: "Thank you Montreal 2005, see in you Melbourne 2007."

Although the closing ceremony was nowing as grand as the opening, it was nevertheless moving and inspiring.
Today also marked my last and 26th consecutive day of volunteer work! Over 150h invested in four weeks with no weekends - so I'm not exactly upset that it's all over... Sad, a bit - it was a unique experience to be involved in world championship. There was nothing this big in sports since the 1976 Olympics. I'll fondly remember these past weeks for the rest of my life!

Seeing all these athletes compete, be silly, rejoice, sometimes even cry, always striving for the best - gave me an inspirational boost for the upcoming start of the school year, my first year back in science since 1996.

Tomorrow I intend to return to the piano, music... and the pool. I still have to gauge how my semester will go, but I'd definitely like to include some good amount of swimming in there. Not that I plan to go to the Olympics or anything, but if I get to join a Master's Club of some sort by next summer - I'll be more than happy.

Grant Hackett won the gold medal in 1500m freestyle today - a ridiculous 6 seconds ahead of the silver medalist. He also won the trophy for Best Male Swimmer. Yay to Grant Hackett!!!!

And I'll finally have some more time to invest in this LJ!


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