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A must see
If you had asked what was the best movie I've seen this summer, I'd have said "Batman", unashamedly. Until yesterday.

I decided to take a day "off" after my exam yesterday and went to see a movie, "The Edukators" (Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei, dir. Hans Weingartner). Here's a synopsis that won't give anything away:
"Three rebellious German kids hoping to inspire societal change walk door to door to tell the rich citizenry that their days of free spending are numbered. But a love triangle and an "accidental" kidnapping complicate their idealistic mission. "

Although the director has been said to take a "romantic" approach to his movie, I thought it was a very true to life portrayal of what it is like to be in your early-mid twenties. You know the saying - "If you under 30 and not idealist, you have no heart. If over 30 you're still idealist, you have no brains." Or something like that. And the other one about being a socialist...

It is definitely an anti-bourgeois movie - rich people are perhaps portrayed unilaterally and almost cardboard-like, but they are more of a pretext than a target. The dialogue is thoughtful, smart and witty - and realistic. The cast is also great (I particulary like the sweet-looking boy-next-door Daniel Brühl), the characters believable, and lovable, as is the soundtrack.

But what struck me a lot was the friendship subplot - the friendship between the three of them, and also between the two guys, who are best friends. It's to be seen. It's very rare to see a movie treating true friendship (especially between two straight men) - it's always the bona fide love story - but The Edukators brings in a sincere, and yes, romantic view - of something people forget to look for and appreciate, along with the eternal pursuit for love: friendship.

Oh yes... the last song at the end is by Jeff Buckley. Wow. RUN see this movie!!!

(I got a free admission ticket - and will go see it again in a couple of days, once I digest it entirely...)


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