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Yesterday's "me" day was a success! As well as the photo shoot of it. Anxious to see them! It was just an ordinary day, really, but the fact that I had total liberty as to the when and where - that's what made it great. Because I usually always have something on my agenda (in the literal sense!). I went swimming. Came back home for lunch. Practiced piano. Went to see a movie. Went to Else's. Ran into Malcolm. No overdrinking, lots of mirth and laughter. Got home, dinner, fell sound asleep. A big groggy, but not hungover. It shall pass in an hour or so when I'm fully awake.

The movie I saw was Jim Jarmusch's "Broken Flowers". It won the Grand Prize at Cannes this year. Yet I have to say I was disappointed. It's one of those movies that just doesn't live to its hype. Sure, the premise was interesting, Bill Murray does a great job at acting, the characters are ludicrous and interesting - but it tended to feel a bit repetitive, and slow at moments. There is no ending. And that's what annoyed me. I understand that a lack of ending sometimes is an artistic license (i.e.: as in Before Sunset, where I thought that was the beauty of it) - but in this case, when I came out of the theater, the only question in my mind was: "What was the point of that?"  I think that there was a hint as to what the "ending" was - but it was too subtle. 6.5/10

Today - swimming, dim sum with Else's company, and then AlterHeros meeting. Speaking of AlterHeros, it's through them that I renewed contact with Joy, an old friend mine from my first years of university... the world is so small.

One week until beginning of semester - two weeks before the move out...


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