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Movie quiz

OK, since I am totally indulging in being lazy and doing fuckall this weekend, I got some time to do this movie quizz that's been migrating between different LJs...

Movie By Picture

1. Pick fifteen films you love/thoroughly enjoyed.
2. Find screen captures (stills) for each film, preferably from scenes you like. If you can't find a still, pick a new movie.
3. Post the pictures with the rules; let your readers guess from what movie each still is. (Readers, no cheating. No google, no looking at my livejournal interests or looking at the file names.)

*You can answer as many as you think you know as long as you avoid looking at people who answered before
Hint - movie buffs: quite a few of them are foreign films...



(This is more of a cast photo than a screenshot... dead give-away)






Kudos if you can get this one...


...or this one. One of my fave of the genre.


You shouldn't even think about this one if you've read any of my LJ...





Hint: 11-13 are (some obviously!) gay-themed...

14. At least one sci-fi...

15. Last but not least:

If you can get all 15, we've got to talk! :-)

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That was harder that I thought it would be -- mostly because I tend to draw a blank when faced with questions such as these (even if I've seen the film).

You said answer three. Here goes:

6. Dead Poet's Society
11. Priest
12. The Sum of Us

I took out the "answer three" - it's not as if I'll have 100 people responding.

As for your answers - right on!! Do you know the other ones? :-)

Damn. I kind of liked the "limit of 3" rule, because I could ignore the ones I didn't know.

Ok, without cheating, here are my guesses (and I emphasize the word "guesses"):

1. No clue.

2. This seems like it's one I ought to know, but still ... no clue.

3. Donnie Darko.

4. Hero?

5. Cabaret

7. No kudos for me ... no clue.

8. Silence of the Lambs? I'm really guessing here...

9. I've avoided both of these movies, and now the name of either one won't come to be. Before Sunrise? After Sunrise? Who knows.

10. I'm guessing it's a German film, given the guy on the right who was in (I believe) Goodbye Lenin. Is that the new one that's in theatres now?

13. I saw this one, and now can't remember anything about it. Wasn't it German too? Or am I thinking of something different?

14. No clue.

15. Fight Club?

Not my finest hour.

OK... here are the answers:

1. Le goût des autres (France)
A wonderful movie about connections, tolerance and how quick we are to make judgements...

2. L'auberge espagnole (France), "Potluck" in English
Another great one about... well, you just got to see it. Life in an apartment with roommates from several different countries.

3. Donnie Darko.
4. Hero
5. Cabaret
6. Dead Poets Society
7. The Kingdom (Denmark, Lars von Trier!
A combination of horror, comedy, romance and drama. "ER on acid", as the box cover says...

8. Nattevagten (Denmark)
(1995) This one was an amazing horror flick/thriller. The Americans made a remake (Nightwatch) which I did not dare to see. It couldn't possibly beat the original. )!
9. Before Sunset that kind of "conversation" movies.
10. The Edukators (Germany - Die fetten Jahren sind vorbei... playing now)
A great, romantic movie about idealism and being young...
11. Priest
12. The Sum of Us
13. Der bewegte Mann ("Maybe, maybe not" - Germany, a great sexual identity farce movie!)
14. Contact (good sci-fi based on the novel by Carl Sagan, with Jodie Foster)
15. 8 Mile (Eminem!)

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