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At night...
"At night it's so cold, I can feel the universe", he said. It was in winter, I think we were about to say goodbye, in front of the entrance of a local Montreal watering hole, Else's - location which pervades many of this journal's (a bit outdated!) entries. Even with the lights from the city, a few stars were visible in the grayish black sky, between the white puffs of air that we breathed out. This was close to a decade ago (if not more!), and somehow that sentence still stuck with me. We had known each other for a couple of days, and this was about the last time I was to see him. Chance encounter really, just like a bright shooting star. Close your eyes and make a wish... Stay true to yourself, always, and maybe on the coldest night, the universe will warm you up. Thanks, Matt.

Another starry night - but this time we could see the milky way, and through binoculars, the colors of the stars - white, blue, orange... and shades in between. Every once in a while, a satellite would fly by my circular viewport. After a stroll on the beach, all of us watching a cloudless summer sunset from the easternmost province of Canada, a delicious dinner cooked over a campfire - feeling tired but not enough, and there it was, perhaps unknowingly, just for a moment, we had touched what is only dreamt in dreams, each in our own way.


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